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Brunner Stefan
Hallo Carolina, gratuliere zum EM Gold alles Gute noch im weiterem Leben und noch viele Medaillen wünscht dir dein größter Fan Steffaus der wunderschönen Steiermark!!
Hi Carolina, I'm italian and i have 30 years old..Congratulations for your Gold Medal in Goteborg...You are a fantastic women...bye Manuel
pics about her on
see you later
Hello Carolina. congratulation! you did a very good job at the european championship. i think you are a really good athlete and i wish you good luck for the next championships and meetings! bye, yours katharina
You´re the greatest athlete if eber seen!
=) YoU're the best
Martin Werbeck
Hello Carolina! Congratulations for the gold medal in goteborg!I'm a big fan of you!!Good luck for the next meetings :-)
Martin Werbeck
Hello Carolina! Congratiulations for the gold medal in goteborg!I'm a big fan of you!!
Hello Carolina. Congatulations for the gold Medal at Goteborg European Championship. Also i send you a thank for the photo with you in Athens Olympic Games (at Olympic Village). If you want to remember me i can send it to you by e-mail.
Again Congratulations..
I wait a reply from you.
stefanie bangerter
Ich bin ein riesiger fan von finfi dich so cool du machst immer coole Sprüche und ich wünsche dir alles gute und viel erfolg. Lg Steffi (aus der Schweiz)