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Carolina you were so brilliant in Göteborg!!! You are the prettiest swedish woman!!! Jag älskar dig!!! I can´t swedish, so I hope it means I Love you!!! :-)
Carolina est très belle. Meilleurs voeux de bonheur et de succès.
hey... i watched carolina klüft at the em in göteborg an since that day, i love her...she's pretty, she wins so much and she is my favourite sportsgirl!!! I LOVE YOU CAROLINA !!!
Hello! Just wanted to ask if you plan to add also pix from Göteburg? Would ne nice
carolina klüft 4-ever!! i do athletics,too, and she is my big idol.i have watched the hole time the em on tv. she is soooo great
Hi Carro! Congratulations on your gold medal in the heptathlon! For me, you are the best athlete in the world. Go on exactly this way, you are the champion!
Yeah, I play Handball, too but nevertheless Carolina is my Idol..I like watching her and S. Kallur in TV...I like these two girls....above all Carolina Klüft
hi ho!
eig intressier ich mich ja garnich für leichtathletik, bin mehr für handball ;) aba als ich einmal eingeschaltet hatte, konnt ich auch nich mehr umschalten... bin jetz schon fast nkleiner leichta. fan geworden, zwar bin ich mehr für die deutschen, aber dich und susanna kallur fand ich ganz gut... beim weitdsprung sahs zwar nich ganz so gut aus, aba im 7kampf bist du echt konkurenzlos...
greetz from germany....
Carro, you are the victory in Göteborg was fantastic..well, I think you`re fantastic. You are my idol,because you`re such succesfull and super... great...I admire you, really..You are great!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best results ever seen in the future