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heyy carolina!! congratulations for your gold medal!!!!!!!!! your really great!! i also love to do sports especially unicycling and long jump i wish you all the best for your future and go on like this kiiisssses miri
Hey! I'm glad Carro won her gold-medal and hoepfully she'll break the world-record hold since 1989 *crossesfingers*. And please keep up this site, is great Greetz from Ital
hej Carro!!!
congratulations for the gold medal!!! WOW!!
your really the greatest athlete in the world and my greatest IDOL!!! i also do track and field athletics and i want to be as cool as you are when im a grown-up... when i started at the austrian championships in götzis last year i thought:"wow...i'm running on the same track as you did!!!"
and when i saw you the first time on TV,i was 11, i said to my dad :"carolina is great!!i want to be like her!!i wanna do that too!!"
JAG ÄLSKAR DIG!!!--->these are the only swedish words i can say...i learned them from my swedish friend vivi from jönköping...
Kisses LISA
hey carolina!!! SUPER!! can you may tell me how to be such a great athlet????
Hello Carolina! My Congratulations to your GOLDMEDAL!!! You are a great atlethe and I wish you al the best for you next meetings!
Bye your Andrea
WOW du bist so GEIL du hast einen heißen arsch und super haare!!!Würd dich gern mal privat treffen! Ich bin zwar klein aber fein bei der EM war ich von dir abgelenkt und war desshalb nicht so gut weil ich derbe fantasien bekam in liebe dein Holm
Congratulations for your great new muscels! Nice to see how they grew in one year.....
Please submit your list of substances...
P.S: was würde ich drum geben einmal mit dir im stadion zu sein... das ist mein größter wunsch dir einmal zu begenen!!
anika from germany
hey carolina!!!! ich mache auch schon seid 11 jahren leichtathletik und mache auch 7-kampf...du bist echt die beste!! ich will genau so werden wie du!!! du bist mein vorbild!!!!!! mach weiter so!!! you are the best 4-ever!!! ;)
hallo carolina, ich möchte dir zu deinem bauch gratulieren. dein sixpack ist einfach sooooooo geil!!!