Livre d'or

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Vous devez saisir des informations valides
You guys do know that she probably doesn't read this forum Right.....
Hej igen! Grattis till OS-Guldet!!
Hej Carro! Jag har också Ior som maskot! Han ger mig tur i varje tävling jag är på Jag åker konståkning. Kramar från Sofia
Congratulations to Carolina KLÜFT ! An impressive competitor who never gives up and always gives his best. I will always remember at the World Championship last year in Paris (I was in Stade de France) when she missed her 2 first long jumps and took all the risks on the third. Many athletes should be inspired by the joy of the athlete !!! But Carolina can still and has to improve in many disciplins ! Congratulations again. OM
please anwer