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holla Adiou ! bande d'allumés^^ j'espére que tout va bien depuis notre dernier concert ensemble ,votre site et trés trés bien continué comme sa ,mais sorté un peut le pat lol et a bientot pour d'autre concert la bise
d'afrodiziak ( dj YoDa et sélecta chalewa a Adieussiatz !
Onko tuo tietoisesti ep�¤symmetrinen tuo etuhelma, vaiko v�¤�¤rist�¤�¤k�¶ kuvakulma/mallin asento? N�¤ytt�¤�¤ niin selv�¤sti ainakin osassa kuvia, ett�¤ vasen etukappale on muutaman sentin alempana kuin oikea alareunastaan. J�¤nn�¤n n�¤k�¶inen! Toisen anonyymin kanssa olen kyll�¤ huolissani tosiaan noista kemikaalipehmentimet kankaassa, mutta kukapa sit�¤ sadetakkia paljaalla iholla p�¤iv�¤tolkulla pit�¤�¤ ja monelle muullekin myrkylle sit�¤ altistutaan el�¤m�¤ss�¤, mit�¤s siit�¤, jos pojat aikuisina "ampuu huteja" :-p Myyd�¤�¤nh�¤n sit�¤ jossain vahakankaita yms "sadetakkikankaiksi" - itse en sellaista lapselleni laittaisi ylle, mutta seh�¤n nyt vain olen min�¤, muutenkin hyvin tarkka mit�¤ lapset sy�¶v�¤t ja pit�¤v�¤t yll�¤�¤n... Hengitt�¤�¤k�¶ muuten tuo takki mitenk�¤? Joskus tuntuu, ettei meill�¤ muksut halua pit�¤�¤ sadekamppeita, koska niiss�¤ tulee kuuma (ilma ei kierr�¤) tai ovat liian j�¤ykk�¤�¤ materiaalia ja olenkin miettinyt itse, jos jostain hengitt�¤v�¤mm�¤st�¤ ja joustavammasta kankaasta tekisin sadeasun (sellaisesta joka edes v�¤h�¤n pit�¤�¤ kosteutta, kuten kestovaippakankaat). Tosin tuossa taas t�¶rm�¤t�¤�¤n aiheeseen kemikaalit...
I read in a news story, I think in the Register that Google WILL be implementing the ability to connect to all the other services – if that does happen then it really is a strong news story – a big, well known brand launching a messenger client that can connect to any other network.If they implement webcams, smillies and avaters I will use it all the time I expect but right now can’t be arsed to download it.As for the phone feature – will you be able to call normal landlines or just other google talk users?If you can call landlines then I might invest in a wifi phone.
Well this sums up my thoughts about Google Talk. But i see it in a different way, if google can give Jabber a kick up the arse to implement web-cams then this could be big. Jabber is already capable of connecting to the other IM services in one client (also one connection as although you still have to sign up for each network, then link it to your jabber server account, you only connect via the jabber server rather then MSN, AIM and Yahoo all at the same time). What we really need is interoperability, and if google let you use MSN, AIM and Yahoo accounts with Google talk (is possible) then it will be a big wake up call to the big 3
Dear, dear- I need to get you out to West Africa for a bit.Rule one. It’s okay to come late, as long as you make it for the offering and you do not, I repeat DO NOT, leave early even if the service runs to four hours.Nothing wrong with breast feeding in the sanctuary- it silences crying babies. Why else were we given breasts? As long as your legs are well-covered you are okay.Kids may wander in and out as necessary. Would you expect a six year old to sit still for four hours, I ask you?Perhaps you shouldn’t take change out of the plate as it’s passed, but it’s perfectly okay to go and quietly get change from the usher after the first offering and before the second or third.Dancing during the offering is good, but it should be done to the Lord, and not for self-glorification or in a sensual way. If you overstep the deacons will be glad to let you know.Sleeping during sermons is discouraged- that little tap on the shoulder with the switch should be enough to wake you. Yes I know it takes longer when its translated into two other languages but everyone deserves a chance to understand.
Well, I've always watned a goat, but hadn't given much thought to a sheep. Wonder what the zoning is on that?Oh, I have to EAT it? That would make quite a party. Have to give it a bit of thought...
Toun and Docteur Dro
Péké il parait que ta voix suave est sur le 3e Album? C'est michel Trucker qui l'a dit par texto à la gare Matabiau de nuit. Don Péké keep your kontrol!
jauni hallidé
troooooo bien !
Péké je kiff grave ton style, je kiff tout ton flow, ton swinG, ton raggamuffin krew! Monte ton ampli a 11 et là........
Trop bien votre site et magnifique les photos, manque juste mon néné, votre pat again ! bisous