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Your posts always encourage me :0) I&#8217;m getting into the habit of reading them in the morning before I have to face the blinking curser. I like how you mention the highs and lows. Sometimes I feel a little bit bipolar about my writing, as in, &#8220;I&#8217;m awesome!I suck. I&#8217;m awesome! I suck&#8230;&#8221;Is this the week you submit to your beta readers? Either way, good luck.
While it&#8217;s tempting to reach for the chocolate, sugar just makes it worse for me, and makes the bad feelings last longer. It may sound trite, but striving to eat healthy truly helps me deal with the down times and stress of writing. I think as artists, we&#8217;re all super-sensitive to environmental factors, including what sugar and processed foods do to us.And having this online community is just so awesome for instant sharing and support, like you, Laura!
Hmm. Very well written. I don&#8217;t have too many down days because I just don&#8217;t deal with writing when I am down. Music is good. I have mood music that is geared for right brain activities like art and writing and I love how that keeps me perking. Mostly I tend to procrastinate, do a couple emails, play some online Scrabble, and have to convince myself its time to write. But most of the time I am pretty upbeat about it.
I love this post, Laura. I&#8217;m new to the blogosphere world. I can&#8217;t start my own blog until after my daughter&#8217;s wedding in two days &#8212; talk about emotion with a capital &#8220;E&#8221; and then some. I don&#8217;t even know how to twitter. So much has changed since I started writing 14 years ago. But the ups and downs are part of a writer&#8217;s life. In the beginning, I was lonely &#8211; so very, very lonely, dying to learn everything about the craft of writing but had to wait for the classes to start at the college, so I read books from the library about writing. Still very lonely. Emails were not part of life back then. I finally met some other writers. Yes, life was getting better having someone who could relate. Then I was blessed with a critique group! That&#8217;s where encouragement is most prevalent and fuels that spark of hope burning within us. We became very close. It was better than any therapy session because not only did we encourage each other and offer support, we had lots of laughs &#8212; released tons of endorphins! So good for the writer&#8217;s soul.I can see how following blogs brings writers together. In the short time I&#8217;ve been checking out blogs, I&#8217;ve become involved with some of the writers, all over the world! How cool is that? So I look forward to meeting lots of new writers when I finally getup the gumption to start my own blog (shaking in my slippers!), but with encouragement and support, I&#8217;ll find my way! I also find it so satisfying to give a pep talk and a shout out (through emails and on Facebook) to other writers and encourage them to keep moving forward in their journeys, with all the hills and valleys, jagged rocky terrain, and teetering on cliff hangers! I&#8217;ll never forget those very lonely days when I first started out, so I try to make a special effort with new writers and welcome them into the writing community. It&#8217;s so important to feel like we belong. Cheers! Lynn Kelley &#8211; No longer lonely!
Manouki a dit: Bonne ann�©e �  toi Mademoiselle Dentelle !!! J&#8217;ai d�©couvert ton blog depuis �  peine un mois, depuis que mon amoureux m&#8217;a demand�© en mariage et je te remercie d�©j�  pour tous tes conseils si pr�©cieux !!! Et ton blog est vraiment agr�©able �  lire, tr�¨s bien �©crit !!! J&#8217;attends avec h�¢te tes prochains articles !