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Vous devez saisir des informations valides
Just a quick reminder, for the bus the meeting is at 11:00 AM this Sunday.
See you there.
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The Angels vs Lions game review:!170365D5DCBF0786!570.entry
My first one, so don't expect perfection. I can always add stuff if you want
Als er iemand zich geroepen voelt om zaterdagochtend mee te helpen nen aquarium van 2 meter op 70 op 70 te verhuizen, we zoeken nog altijd zware jongens Contact me: MSN
Als ge braaf zijt krijgde zelfs eten en drinken
This is for those who have a job as exciting as mine
I'm always right...
Got an email from them confirming that it will be at 3:00 PM and the location:
The kick off for the semi-final (sunday 21/05) in Tournai will be at 3 PM in the Stade Jules Hossey - Rue Aimable Dutrieux.
Le kick off de la demi-finale (dimanche 21/05) à Tournai débutera à 15 heures au Stade Jules Hossey - Rue Aimable Dutrieux.
Christophe Maillard
Tournai Phoenix
I have a question. On the website of Tournai Phoenix it says that the game on sunday kicks off at 2pm and here on your site it says 3 pm... Anyone knows who's right?
For those who don't know who the fastest player on our team is, it is Sylvain. Trust me on this one guys. He flew in my face 0.05 sec after Chris snapped the ball. But I am OK. Coach Tuck and I will remember this one for a very loooong time.
Sylvain, you made Coach Tuck a very happy man tonight. Keep up the good work and you will start on Sunday.
Next play!
Romu courrage, apres cela ne restera qu'un mauvais souvenir...
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