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Vous devez saisir des informations valides
j'ss jeune et j'aime votre music j'aimerai bie en faire,mais les moyens ne me permettent ps. ttefs après le collège je vais m'y lancer coute que vaille
I love African Jazz music from Manu Dibango through Fela Kuti to Hugh Masakela. I would love to be introduced to Coco Mbassi's genre
charles mbangué
congratulations my dear you are my favorite women 's singer.j 'aime d'autant plus le morceau lakka mba, car le message est poignant et porteur de beaucoup de significabilité du courage et allez de l'avant
Lisa Burden
Your song "Sepia" spoke to my spirit long before I found the English translation. You are a blessing and I pray that you are continuously blessed!
Just read your poem 'We wouldn't'. Beautiful & so true.
Joel Mayer
Hi Coco, congratulations for your music. So beautiful. Keep it up, sis.
Your music is so beautiful!! Please consider playing at the Brava Theater Center when coming through Northern California!!
Melissa Roussin
Hi Coco, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your voice is and what an incredible talent you have!! I just borrowed your Sepia CD from the library and cannot stop listening to it! Thank you so much for the deep meanings in all of the lyrics you write, especially the devotion you have to Jesus Christ. Though I may not be able to understand what is sung, I can feel the Spirit moving through your words and the passion that you have while singing to Him! May God continue to bless you in the work you are doing!
- Melissa
You're a great musician. Thank you for being you and not trying to be someone else! God Bless You!!
juste pour t'encourage dans ce ke tu fais...tu represente valabrement le cameroun dans le monde..